Mr. Bas Wallet (HE from the Netherlands)

General presentation

  • New entrepreneur and company name: Mr. Bas Wallet
  • NE's area of business: IT, office and communication equipment, services and supplies
  • Business relationship: Malta, 4 months (15th of Sept 2014 - 15th of January 2015)


  • to start as a freelance UX designer, but - even he is quite experienced in some parts of the UX process he needed to improve his knowledge of some other steps (e.g. the NE never done a usability test)
  • to grow a an international UX consultant
  • to do an entire UX design process abroad in order to become more experienced in the entire profession

Short story

  • I am Bas Wallet, a former interactive media-student from the HVA (University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam). For the last ten years I've gained experience as a concept developer and project manager. During the last few of those years my area of work moved more towards project management, and came to realize that developing (internet) concepts gives me a lot more fulfillment. Now I started my own business so I can fully dedicate myself to the field of User Experience Design.
  • During my work I've approached a lot of projects using "traditional" development methods. By determining the client's wishes I made concepts based on best practices, experience and intuition.
  • I decided to take some spare time to get more into "user centered design". I have done a lot of theoretical research and started my own study conducting a lot of user tests. I decided to join the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme so I could expand my portfolio and gain more practical experience, especially on user research.
  • At the middle of September 2014, I started my EYE project in Malta. Across Limits is the company that is hosting me: "Across Limits is a technology company with a heart. We believe that ICT should be put to good use in society and therefore we push for excellence in areas like eHealth, eLearning and Digital Culture."
  • The next months I am focussing on a project where I can conduct an entire User Experience process. I am really looking forward to collaborate with the people at Across Limits. They give me a great opportunity to deliver an interface which will be used all over Europe. I will try to get the very best out of myself. The end result will be the main item in my portfolio. Which means that my future projects will depend of the quality of this project.
  • I'm looking forward to four fruitful months!