Mr. Frank Verkade

General presentation

  • New entrepreneur/company name: Mr. Frank Verkade/ Atelier Frank Verkade
  • NE's area of business: Clothing, footwear, leather and textile, luggage articles and accessories
  • Business relationship: UK, 8 weeks (1st of December 2014 - 22nd of January 2015)
  • Objectives:
    • to acquire Know-how of all facets of project-management
    • to broader the approach to a design process
    • to renew the relevant set of skills and techniques (both technical as well as communications related)
    • to build a new network of suppliers and possible clients
    • to gain a professional understanding of the international practice of arts and design 

Short story

Under the name Atelier Frank Verkade I work as a freelance designer, producer and creative assistant in the field of design and art. I'm specialized in the development and realization of jewelry and accessory collections, design objects as well as small scale film and design productions. In addition to my work as a freelancer for other creatives I develop one of a kind, handmade jewelry pieces and small scale design objects. The work of the majority of my clients as well as my own work specifically focusses on the influence of modern technology on the human body. In collaboration with them I have created visuals, textiles and objects that speculate about a future where nature is no longer natural but man made. With my designs and services I aim at different clients. The most common ones are design and art studios that hire me as a freelancer for my work as designer and producer. To reach new clients and markets I plan to focus part time on my own jewelry and accessory designs. With the help of a gallerist I aim to make the profits of this a bigger part of my income, eventually even my main income. I believe that establishing myself as an independent designer will be an investment that will pay off in the long run.