Mr. Joao Inacio (NE from the Netherlands)

General presentation

  • Host entrepreneur and company name: Mr Jan Klusacek, Cyberfox
  • HE's area of business: Advertising, promotion, printing, media and related products and services
  • New entrepreneur and company name: Joao Inacio
  • NE's area of business: Advertising, promotion, printing, media and related products and services
  • Business relationship: Czech Republic, 3 months ( October-December 2014)
  • Objectives:
    • to learn new techniques, approaches and ideas, as a key to upgrade a business idea/project
    • to get influenced, by being abroad, in such a way in your country of residence, by numerous reasons you are less susceptibly to be
    • to jump start my innovative business idea

Short story

My name is Joao Inacio, and I have lived a little bit all over Europe.

I'm convinced that we all have ideas - some related to business, innovation, art and other fields and specialties. In my case, I'm full of business ideas. And throughout time, I've learned that having them is the easy part of the process - making them happen, is the challenge.

In my quest to one of these ideas, I stumbled upon the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program from the EU. Immediately, it shed some light on a possibility of support and learning curve to reach the always-demanding stage that all entrepreneurs come across - the action.

My business idea was a mix of a new-breed learning and inspiration platform that intended to spread the word of creativity and boost that wonderful tool for innovation and progress for different businesses.

In short, use the power of creativity to make this world a better, smarter and more sustainable place.

Quickly, I've found a company and an individual I could learn from due to its extensive creative industry experience and focus on creating sustainable solutions for a very diverse kind of clients, while being a very young company that shared the same ideals as my projected endeavor.

Cyberfox was already a reference and became more while speaking about my ideas to the owner and founder, as we quickly clicked and understood that a possible learning business relationship would be fruitful for both parties.

After two agreed to tango, the Erasmus for Yong Entrepreneurs opportunity started to materialize itself and I'm about to undergo on an experience that will certainly upgrade my entrepreneurial experiences, give me knowledge that otherwise would be complicated to get and, all of this, while in a beautiful city like Prague, where I can learn from, experience different cultural environments and traditions and, last but not least, mature ideas by stepping out of my comfort zone