Mr. Kaita Shinagawa

General presentation

  • Host entrepreneur/company name: Mr. Kaita Shinagawa/ Studio KU+
  • HE's areas of business: Crafts, art materials and accessories; Advertising, promotion, printing, media and related products and services
  • Business relationship: Ms. Elise Laurent, Belgium (5 months from 17th of May to 17th of October 2017)


  • seeking opportunities to grow in the market as well as building up a network with those who are interested in working together as collaborators for exchanging knowledge and supporting each other like such seen as recent open-source digital fabrication networks.
  • Cooperating with young people having skills, fresh/new ideas and motivations to help developing the HE's practice or future projects.
  • To support the HE's future developments in widely and openly in EU area.

Short story

There are not many modelmaker in Belgium and their situation is usually quite difficult. In term of technology and innovation, Netherlands, and even more Rotterdam and Amsterdam, are one step ahead. For instance, almost every architectural schools in Netherlands have a 3D printer and Laser cut machine while in Belgium these machine are very rare. Furthermore the amount of good and internationally known offices is quite high in Netherlands and offers a large palette of potential clients.