Mr. Marco Nieborg, Effective Webdesign (HE from the Netherlands)-Ms. Maja Music (NE from Croatia)

Short story:


New entrepreneur Maja Musić wants to open web shop wich would be available in Croatian and European markets and web site with her photography work. She also wants to learn how to create web pages for future projects as well as create your own web shop. Working with an experienced host entrepreneur Mr. Marco Nieborg,which several years successfully running his own company Effective Webdesign dealing website development, she wants to gain the confidence, skills and knowledge to open own businesses. Working together and exchanging ideas they wish to improve both business ventures.



During my three-month stay in the Netherlands want to master the skills of web design so that I could implement them in my future projects. Besides the Croatian market interested me conditions in European Union and I think that the Young Entrepreneurs program is a great opportunity for new learning and expanding knowledge.