Mrs. Anna Heijker, Anna Heijker Communicatie (Netherlands)

General presentation

  •  New entrepreneur and company name: Mrs. Anna Heijker, Anna Heijker Communicatie (Netherlands)
  • ducation and training services
  • Host entrepreneur and company name: Mr. Richard Reese, Imparta South Eastern Europe (Romania)
  • Education and training services
  • Business relationship: period 15.05.2013-15.12.2013 (6 months duration with a summer break of 1 month)
  • Objectives: 
    • further development of both companies by sharing ideas, knowledge and expertise.
    • work on an international network
    • increase brand awareness for Imparta (HE)
    • learn more about negotiation, administration and economics of running a business (NE)
    • fine-tune business plan and optimize services (NE)


Interview talk-show "Business meeting" / Intalnirea de afaceri

Interview Anna Heijker

Short story


New Entrepreneur Anna Heijker works as a communications specialist. She helps companies and people present themselves in an optimal way by developing and implementing a strategy for their online marketing. Other services she provides are training in public speaking, pitching and usage of social media for businesses. In the frame of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme Anna will work together with host entrepreneur Richard Reese, who is a partner at training company Imparta South Eastern Europe.


I am passionate about entrepreneurship and being participant in the programme is a great opportunity for me to develop my entrepreneurial skills by sharing knowledge and ideas with my host entrepreneur Richard. It will give the start of my career as a communications specialist a boost, because I will learn about the negotiation, administration and economics of running a business. I want to develop these skills in an international environment, so that, when I return to The Netherlands, I will have additional knowledge to help make my business successful.

I am excited about our partnership and I expect both of our businesses to get to the next level during the Erasmus programme.