Ms. Anna Heijker

General presentation

  • Host entrepreneur/company name: Ms. Anna Heijker/ Pitches & Presentations
  • HE's area of business: Education and training services
  • Business relationship: Mr. Alexandru-Gabriel Glod, Romania (6 months from April to October 2017)
  • Objectives:
    • To cooperate with a young person with fresh ideas and good experience in training and video creation.

Interview Anna Heijker

Anna Heijker Interview NE Alex

Short story

By having an in-depth analysis of the HE business model, the NE will contribute to the development of the host company in the fields of his competence. Some of the activities the NE will be doing are: participating in weekly planning and mentoring meetings; conducting feedback sessions on speaking delivery and content for online courses; participating in educational seminars and networking events recommended by the HE; crafting new products and services alongside the HE and improving on current products and services; delivering workshops and keynote speeches for learning communities,

NGOs and corporate customers; following-up on the delivered programs and improving based on customer feedback; developing an automated online sales funnel for online courses, coaching sessions, workshops, corporate trainings and events; rafting and implementing a marketing strategy through social media, peer reviews, content marketing and thought leadership.