Ms. Anne-Marijn Koppen (NE from the Netherlands) - Victoria Gosling (HE from Germany)

General presentation

  • New entrepreneur and company name: Ms. Anne-Marijn Koppen , Hartig Woordje (Netherlands)
  • Education and training services
  • Host entrepreneur and company name: Ms. Victoria GOSLINGThe Reader Berlin (Germany) 
  • Music, theater, events and related cultural and entertainment services
  • Business relationship: period 01.06.2014-30.09.2014 (4 months duration)
  • Objectives for the NE, Anne-Marijn Koppen:
    • to return to the Netherlands and to establish an organisation that provides language-learning related services, the focal point being teaching Dutch to small groups and individuals, with an emphasis on literature and art. This organisation, called "Hartig woordje", will organise Dutch-language courses and events for newcomers, including writing groups, lectures, readings, film-screenings and so on.
      I expect that working with Victoria Gosling will offer me a great deal of insight into how to run a business. While with The Reader Berlin my aim is to, by taking part in the development, organization and execution of several events, take in as much experience with running a business as possible. I also aim to seize the opportunity of our collaboration to talk with Victoria about her experiences with setting up a business (creating a corporate identity, building a website aiming at a certain audience, and finding the right additional platforms/media to reach potential participants), and discuss my own business plan with her to receive hands-on feedback

Short story

  • April 2014, I applied with the objective to gain knowledge and experience in the setting up and running of a business. We agreed upon working together. 
  • June 2014, I am in Berlin: working with the Reader, visiting numerous events and people gathering knowledge and experience as I go.