Ms. Esther Bloeming

General presentation

  • Host entrepreneur/company name: Ms. Esther Bloeming / Swedish Match Lighters BV
  • HE's area of business: Industrial machinery production, installation, repair and maintenance
  • Business relationship: Ms. Sunitpal Sohi, Germany (5 weeks from 24th of August to 30th of September 2017)


  • Having an insight of the HE's target group on the Indian market in the form of a marketing report made by the NE during the business cooperation
  • Receiving from the NE of a detailed market research for the new market, with details which will prepare the HE for her business expansion.

Short story

The host company started in 1957 in Utrecht, the Netherlands, by bros. Van Poppel. In 1962 the company moved to Assen, in the north of the Netherlands and became part of Swedish Match in 1981. Swedish Match is an international company and listed on the Stockholm Exchange. Lighters are manufactured according to lean manufacturing. The company is looking for ways to learn about the Indian and Pakistani market for lighters, in the hope to get in touch with European citizens who are experienced in marketing and sales in these countries, to learn from.