Ms. Lotte Vink

General presentation

  • New entrepreneur/company name: Ms. Lotte Vink/LABFRESH
  • NE's area of business: Clothing, footware, leather and textile, luggage articles and accesoiries
  • Business relationship: DENMARK, 3 months (5th of June 2017 - 1st of September 2017)
  • Objectives:
    • Research about LABFRESH specific target group in Denmark
    • Create new branding for LABFRESH
    • Improve the user experience on the website
    • Learn basic graphic design skills

Short story

The concept Technology and fashion have never been friends. Since non-iron coatings were introduced in the fifties there has barely been any innovation when it comes to traditional office wear. LABFRESH is changing that by introducing a new generation of apparels that enables you to look your best - without an effort. We are excited about LABFRESH because it improves life in two very impactful ways: you do less laundry and you reduce the environmental impact of wearing clothes. That saves you both time and money, it's great news for the environment because you use less water and buy less clothes each year. With LABFRESH we want to fight "fast" fashion.