Ms. Maja Kevdzija (NE from the Netherlands)

General presentation

  • Host entrepreneur and company name: Mr Christoph Deimel, Deimel Oeschlager Architekten
  • HE's area of business: Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services
  • New entrepreneur and company name: Maja KEVDZIJA 
  • NE's area of business: Architecture, construction, engineering and inspection services
  • Business relationship: Germany, 10 week (17th of November 2014 to 23rd of January 2015)
  • Objectives:
    • to help the NE aquire a set of skills that will help her to start the own business and to make it successful in the future
    • to enable the NE to interact and learn from the architects already having their own business
    • to get good tips and advice about starting the own business, as well as experience the way the team in the architectural office should be organised
    • to experience the practical and real world part of architecture, where the NE can directly learn from the Host Entrepreneur
    • to experience the design in all its phases - from the concept design phase until the construction phase, and to see how these phases are managed within a team
    •  to learn how projects are managed in an architectural office, how to manage and organise a team in the way that it produces good designs and where every team member is involved, and how to reach the end result where both architectural firm and the client are satisfied

Short story

After graduating at Delft University of Technology NE Maja Kevdzija started thinking about starting her own business. The program Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs was a perfect chance to learn about founding and managing the architectural office, the way of finding the clients, presenting the projects and communcating with the clients. The exchange took place in Deimel Oelschlager Architekten office in Berlin.

As part of her placement, Maja Kevdzija participated in a competition for a redesign of an existing urban block, as well as in a project for Plus engergy housing in Berlin. NE became familar with the process of an architectural competition, the presentation and documentation preparation. By actively participating in the daily activities of the office, NE had the oppertunity to learn how all the individuals are managed in order to produce competition material and meet the deadline. During the participation in the housing project in Berlin NE was learning how to approach the clients, how to present the drawing and concepts to the client and how to combine the ideas of the architect with the client's input.

The cooperation between NE and HE was an exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience between an experienced entrepreneur of 20 years in business and a young freshly graduated entrepreneur who is only at the beginning. The knowledge that Maja gained in this business relationship equipped her with a set of skills that will be very useful in managing her own business in the future