Ms. Noor van Leeuwen

General presentation

  • Host entrepreneur/company name: Ms. Noor van Leeuwen/ NL projecten. BV
  • HE's areas of business: Social economy/responsible entrepreneurship/CSR; Community, social and personal services Education and training services
  • Business relationship: Ms. Marina de Giorgi, UK (3 months from 20th of March to 23rd of June 2017)



  • Objectives:
    • intrinsic motivation to create a better world for people and planet
    • working with young people and sharing my knowledge and experience
    • connecting people and their organizations to work together and combine their possibilities in order for greater impact. 

Short story

The goals of the NE and HE in this business relationship were to develop a network and entrepreneurial skills for the NE to become a consultant on CSR aimed at supporting the development of a circular and inclusive economy and society in the EU. In this respect, the NE and the HE worked closely together on a project " inspiration by circular living" where they do research and based on the output they consult local government, educational institutes and companies on improving their efforts for a circular economy in the Northern Netherlands. Every week started with a day of mentoring, discussing and planning the project. During the week the entrepreneurs interviewed target groups, doing desk research and writing advisory reports.