Ms. Tess Broekmans (HE from the Netherlands)

General presentation

  • Host entrepreneur and company name: Ms. Tess Broekmans / Urhahn Urban Design (the Netherlands)
  • HE's area of business: Construction sector and real estate
  • New entrepreneur and company name: Ms. Valentina Coppo/ GEPPETTO Architecture & Design (Italy)
  • NE's area of business: Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services
  • Business relationship: period: 11/04/2013 - 25/08/2013   (4,5 months duration)


  • to allow the growth of the company, to enrich the professional staff and collaborate to create an inspiring working environment;
  • to promote useful learning and working opportunities;
  • to cooperate with an NE able to communicate effectively with the business partner to make decisions together, set goals, and drive the business forward thought an organic and solid collaboration;
  • to find a partner that can bring additional skills and experience to the business. 

Short story

The HE, Urhahn Urban design, was searching for a business Partner that shares its values, entrepreneurial spirit and last but not least, planning vision. In fact, of all the things to look for in a partner, due to the strategic and theoretical bases that support the planning policy carried on from the company, this last one is probably the most relevant personal quality. Referring to the principle that no single person is a master of all the aspect about running a business, Urhahn Urban design was looking for a candidate who could enrich its working team. The most suitable candidate was Ms. Valentina Coppo from GEPPETTO Architecture & Design, Italy. Valentina brought, as the added value in the business relationship, a strong sense of the taste and a refined approach to design, which are pillars of any design process.

The NE by applying her knowledge achieved during the Universities studies, she aims to coordinate her effort and at the same time to allow the growth of the company, to enrich the professional staff and collaborate to create an inspiring working environment. In particular, she will be able to apply her skills of 3d design, planning, detail design in Architecture and urban planning, coordinating activities and construction s supervising duties. One of her main objectives and focus will be to improve her management and planning knowledge, by better understanding all the different phases of a design work, activities and economy in a foreign country, in order to achieve at the end of this challenging experience a clearer picture of the urbanist/architecture practice, being able to face personally the international architectural field, international clients, and hopefully achieve in the future a magnificent career. The HE wish to participate offering its relevant knowledge and experience in urban design, sharing and spreading the design philosophy of the company, and for least but not less important, promoting useful learning and working opportunities. In order to gain a thorough grasp of all the aspects of planning and urban design, the Urhahn Urban Design team likes to work with professionals from related fields like plan economy, sustainability, Legal expertise and civil engineering. By enlarging the working group and always looking for new, Young and fresh ideas. In exchange of these qualities, the most enriching objective the company believes to achieve is to be helpful for new entrepreneurs to acquire relevant skills for running and developing a new own company; by enriching her experience, helping her in "learning by doing", open up her networking.