Michael Hakopian

Area of business:

IT, office and communication equipment, services and supplies


Michael is a HE with a lot of experience in technology, being the CTO for many years. HE found out about EYE after a suggestion of one of his co-workers, who had previously encountered the existence of the program. Afterward, HE explored the profiles of the NEs within the EYE platform, searched for an NE with experience in and knowledge of programming, and found out about Ivan. He contacted Ivan and together they settled on starting a collaboration based on the EYE agreement.

Ivan Pantovic is NE from Belgrade, a self-taught programmer since the age of 9. NE discovered EYE program through IO’s (Vladimir Nikic) presentation.

NE’s company, Futuring, is R&D startup creating 3D websites, with international potential. EYE is a perfect opportunity for NE to gain first-hand experience and knowledge of the foreign market and business culture, and therefore to secure a safer future for the startup.

Ivan was introduced to running a technological company on an example of Jexia, departments inside of the company, product building cycles, LEAN methodology, culture, hierarchy, communication style.

Ivan gained access to Jexia platform for further development of own startup.

NE organized technical events for Jexia in Amsterdam, learned about the event organizing for promotional reasons and how to target the specific niche. NE used these events to expand his business network and gain valuable connections. NE was able to be a speaker on some events due to his experience in the field. The HE gave to the NE feedback on leading own company until now and methods NE can implement.