Irene V, Fieldwork Consultancy (NE from the Netherlands) - Bureau Brussels (HE from Belgium)

General presentation

  • New entrepreneur and company name: Mrs. Irene V. , Fieldwork Consultancy (Netherlands)
  • Legal, fiscal and other consultancy services
  • Host entrepreneur and company name: Mr. Lodewijk_Buschkens, Bureau Brussels (Belgium) 
  • Legal, fiscal and other consultancy services
  • Business relationship: period 01.11.2012-30.04.2013 (6 months duration)
  • Objectives: 
    • to get knowledge of and work experience in the field of European Public Affairs 
    • better networking possibilities and new commercial relations 
    • acquire the relevant skills for managing a small enterprise
    • further development of both companies by sharing knowledge and expertise
    • broaden the European network of both companies with the commercial relations of the new entrepreneur in order to get new business opportunities
    • establish new business in cooperation between HE and NE.

Short story

Fieldwork Consultancy has been started-up in January 2012 by an entrepreneur who has several years of work experience within the field of management consultancy in the Netherlands. Fieldwork Consultancy focuses on strengthening organizations. The mission of Fieldwork Consultancy is described as: "to give advice and guide public and private companies with commitment to (re)develop their strategy.'' One of the services is to help organizations to develop and implement a European strategy by:

  • scanning and monitoring relevant policy issues;
  • analyzing the stakeholders and their views;
  • support to perform lobbying: building alliances, networks, etc.

In order to get work experience and knowledge how to set up business in this field, the owner of Fieldwork will perform an on-the-job-training within a small Public Affairs Office in Brussels. Advantages for both parties are to share knowledge, expertise and their networks in order to reach new potential customer markets in the EU.