Mr. Harmen van Doorn, The Netherlands

General presentation

  • Host entrepreneur and company name: Mr. Harmen van Doorn (Netherlands)
  • crowdsourcing industry
  • New entrepreneur and company name: Mr. Krasimir Yuriev Yordanov (Bulgaria) 
  • crowdsourcing industry
  • Business relationship: period 14.01-15.03.2013 (2 months duration)
  • Objectives: 
    • to exchange ideas, and develop our concepts for the future of our crowd funding businesses;
    • to further cooperate and sustain our partnership after the end of the exchange;
    • to have benefits from expanding the both expertise about new markets (e.g. West Europe for Krasimir Yordanov and East Europe for Harmen van Doorn);
    • to look for anything relevant that might pops up which the both entrepreneurs have mutual interest from;
    • to develop the franchise concept at

Short story

My name is Krasimir Yordanov and I am writing this article to share my experience as a participant in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme (EYEP)pifworld.compifworldour way.