Marco Nieborg

Area of business:

IT, office and communication equipment, services and supplies


The HE Marco Nieborg has a large experience in Web design, Web hosting, Website management and project management. He was also was involved in European projects by designing and maintaining the related project websites and managing the communication platforms Teamlab and Only Office, used amongst partners involved in European consortia.

The NE has 7 years’ experience as a software engineer and worked on various projects and technologies. He considers himself as a Full Stack engineer with experience in building websites as well as mobile apps. The NE keeps up to date with the latest technologies and methodologies, while also solves interesting problems and participates in programming competitions in his spare time. The NE contributes to open source projects and started writing technical articles on his blog. Due to his experience, the NE is able to take on diverse tasks, give an informed opinion in some technical decisions and come up with up to date solutions.

During the EYE cooperation, the NE gained experience by working closely with the like-minded HE, so he get confidence to start his own business, in case he will decide to do so. Moreover, working alongside the HE on different aspects of the business helped the NE to develop not only his professional skills, but also the necessary business skills. The collaboration activities undertaken during the EYE cooperation include analysing the HE company profile, workflow and business operations, receiving training on ICT skills used in the HE’s company (Typo 3) and also self-learning, delivering  specific coding services for  developing the HE’s company, offering business mentoring for the NE, working on marketing and financial plans for the NE’s potential business. Last but not least, ehe HE and the NE explored potential business cooperation plans for the future.