Henk van Arkel

Area of business:

Financial and insurance services


The HE’s business, STRO, comitted itself 28 years ago to a R&D program to develop effective approaches to introduce local money. Various models were researched and an innovation was introduced and tested: a way to increase the impact of donor money. At the moment, STRO concentrates to create a digital tool that would enable to copy its performance at scale: Cyclos (payment software). It became worldwide e-pay innovation award winner in 2014 and presently is the main tool for communities that try to introduce innovative money. In parallel over 20 million very poor end users are served with a mobile wallet thanks to Cyclos software.

The NE’s business, Aurex, is a cooperative from Grenoble of small and medium businesses that have created their own mutual exchange network. Aurex organizer, Camille visited the Dutch Social Trade Organisation in order to learn more about local money, barter business and circular money.

The work performed during the EYE cooperation was focused on the improvement and translation of the book of HE’s foundation (STRO) about its methods and knowledges. In this respect, the studied the materials of the book; received feedback from the HE about the conceptual thinking; made improvement from question that came up; translated in French the summaries of the chapters ready; transferred it to the rest of the NE’s stakeholders in France; studied methodology and wrote documentation about it for the French organization; wrote a chapter about French similar projects; thought about the book diffusion in France. Moreover, the NE took part on weekly meetings of marketing activities and participated in the day-day activities of the hosting company as well as in prospects appointment and event organization for clients.

The HE helped the NE to design and implement her strategy, learn about legal aspects, put in relation the NE with potential French partners, implement Cyclos software, work and discuss the NE’s business plan, mentor the NE to help her with the entrepreneurial position.