Kaita Shinagawa

Area of business:

Crafts, art materials and accessories/ Advertising, promotion, printing, media and related products and services/Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

Story 1

Since 2009, Kaita’s company have been collaborating with professionals from various creative fields including architects, urban planners, developers, product designers, graphic designers and artists from both inside/outside the Netherlands on various projects such as furniture design, interior design to architecture design and urban planning as well as exhibitions. From this experience and knowledge, he is able to offer to New Entrepreneurs the opportunity of developing their specific skills and project planning related to his work-field of architecture, model making, physical visualizations, exhibitions etc.

Elise is a Belgian graduated architect. During her studies she did internships in architectural offices where she noticed that architects miss the time and tools to develop models. She discovered a real passion of creating beautiful objects that represents the entire project and help 3D communication with the client, so she decided to start her own company.

The activities undertaken during the business cooperation were diverse such as: the NE (New Entrepreneur) executed the AutoCAD drawings for the laser cutting under the HE (Host Entrepreneur) supervision as preparation of the production; the NE crafted miniature furniture along with the HE, as part of the final model; the HE gave an instruction to the NE of the 3D print methodology and usage/maintenance of the machine; the NE was delegated to complete a part of the model on her own, under HE’s supervision; the NE joined a one week model making workshop in Spain organized by international professionals; the NE gave a presentation to the HE about the new acquired technics and potential material during the workshop in Spain; the NE attended meetings with clients for potential or ongoing projects and was involved to discuss details and share her opinions; the NE and the HE divided tasks to complete the project.